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Bridal Shower

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OMG. I laughed SO HARD yesterday, I have a sore throat and sore abs this morning.

I was at a bridal shower yesterday. The bride-to-be is a new Cousin-In-Law =) Her sister made apricot/pineapple/orange slushies with vodka. We ate, chatted, drank, set off the smoke alarm with the oven and took turns fanning the wailing hockey puck on the ceiling with a big lid until it finally shut up for good... y'know, the standard fare for a bunch of finishing school drop-outs girls.

Then the games started.

We paired off and one person puts a paper towel tube between their legs, at about knee level. The other one is blindfolded and puts a glitter wand between their legs.

The pair stand a 3-5 feet apart and the blindfolded one is spun around a few times to point them in a random direction.

On "go", the timer starts and the blindfolded one has to try to get the glitter wand into the paper towel tube with directions from the other person. There were an odd number of people, so we made the remaining three do a threesome as punishment for their avoidance XD Two of them had glitter wands between their legs and one had the paper towel tube. One went in front and the other in behind.

The pair that can do it in the least amount of time wins a prize.

The funniest quips:

  • Why do you have that all the way up in your crotch?
  • You have to get it up higher.
  • Where are you?
  • Go slow, honey.
  • It's too dark, I can't see.
  • Over to the left a bit.
  • Okay, now just go forward and stick it in.
  • Don't squeeze so hard, you're too tight.
  • No, you missed.
  • Ow, you jabbed me in the knee.
  • Am I hurting you?

The other games involved answering questions about the bride-to-be and her trying to match answers to questions that were previously asked of the groom-to-be. Those were absolutely hilarious to us.

One of the questions was about the wedding date and, yes, we did have someone get it wrong XD XD I actually did quite well even though I didn't really know the bride-to-be all that well. I certainly didn't expect to get the same score as one of her bridesmaids. =D

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