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I was asked, a few weeks ago, to be one of the Masters of Ceremonies for a Cousin Boy's wedding next Saturday. Not because I'm particularly any good at it, but because I'm the only person within six degrees of separation who speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

This is userinfoHusband Guy's Cousin Boy on his Dad's side. They're from Taiwan and speak Mandarin. He's marrying a girl whose family that moved to Hong Kong from FuJian Province a few generations ago. They speak mostly Cantonese. I think she said they also speak a bit of Hokkien which is very close to Taiwanese (閩南話).

The other MC will be the Husband Guy's Basketball-Buddy and Cousin-in-Law. He speaks English and Mandarin. He's a really playful and funny guy, but he's coming back from a business trip to Asia two days before the wedding, so we might not have a lot of time to practice together.

At least I'm getting more than two days to prepare this time. Unlike the last wedding I MC'ed at. XD I was the Emergency Backup MC and was asked the Wednesday night before the Saturday reception. I BARELY had time to get the bare minimum ready. It went well, I had fun, the families were nice enough to assure me that I didn't suck... but I really wish I had more time.

My favorite part has to be the Family and Out of Town Guest Introductions. I love learning and typing up the Chinese names. I'm continuously amazed at how many characters I do recognize. I've been looking up the Cantonese pronunciations of some of the characters, but I only need to about half the time.

Still, I'm collecting a complete set of audio files of all the characters and numbering the file names. This way, when you pull them all into an audio player like foobar2000, then play them in Ordered Continuous mode, you get a read-out of the name in full. It doesn't flow quite right, but it's a pretty good reference =) I'm going to zip it up and send it all to them after the wedding.

I still have to get together with the bride's MOH to get the bride's side for the family intros. She has to tell me about The Games so I can explain them.

She has to let me know what they're doing for The Kissing Game (the alternative to clanking on the flatware) so that I can explain that. The back-up plan is to have a bunch of heart-shaped stickies stuck back to back in a bowl. Tentatively, 50% of these will have the word "KISS" on them. Any guest can come up to the front and pick one. They open it and if it says "KISS", then the bride and groom will kiss.

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