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Crazy Week Update

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This week was bananas.

I was sick for three days starting Sunday with a bad cold and sinus fooferah of some sort.

I tried to get some stuff done for the wedding in between naps. I have all the names now. I have to go over in my head approximately how to explain the big items in the reception outline. I have yet to figure out a nice way to phrase the "regrets". There are family members that were not able to attend the wedding, so we wanted to mention who they are and that they send along their best wishes.

We ordered Chinese take-out for lunch in the office yesterday. We had visitors from the Accounting Dept. The food was a big hit. We used to always get Bread Garden sandwiches/wraps or pizza. Everyone loved the change.

The place we ordered the food from is just across the street from us. The 老闆娘 ("owner"; fem.) took our order. She speaks almost no English at all. It was almost faster for US to learn the Chinese on the fly. =) In a hurry, we just gave her my Chinese name for a contact =D It was fun to try to tell everyone in the office that 嘉嘉 (Jia-Jia) was me XD

We're looking at getting Thai, Indian, Lebanese and just more variety for future order-in office lunches.

Oh! Oh! I told a JOKE today and people actually laughed. Because that never happens =D I have to write it down: I missed my first team stand-up meeting today because I had other more pressing things to accomplish. I had to walk by the area that the group had congregated in, though. They kinda weakly hollered "stand-up meeting!" at me as I walked by.

And I hollered back: "Yeah, I'm standing you guys up."       ... well, THEY laughed. XD

I had to sneak out to get RMB for my trip to China. I love that I get awesome rates through work. =)

I had to get a surprise bunch of balloons for the Birthday Lady and hold on to them until she left for the day to stick them in her office. Do you know how hard it is to be stealthy in the bushes with a bunch of happy-ass balloons waiting for someone to LEAVE ALREADY?!!? XD =D =D

I got cake and desserts for the office around mid-day today. Yeah, somewhere along the way, I became The Birthday Clown™. I don't exactly know how XD

I also had to go get the wedding gift for the Cousins-In-Law. We're chipping in for a big one, so it was huge and heavy. We got it at a serious discount from the price that was on their registry. SCORE!!

I didn't get a chance to get together with PH, the other MC, to go over the details for the reception. =P I'm starting to get nervous about this... no, I take that back. I'm finished starting. I'm full-on Nervous now. =O

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