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Cousins' Wedding 2006

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This was probably the most out of control wedding I've been at. It's the kind of thing that you're thankful that your wedding was not. And yet, it's hilarious fun at the same time. =) It was probably that funny to me because it's rare that I see that kind of behaviour. I imagine if it were a regular occurrence, I wouldn't have been as amused.

What's interesting is this is supposedly the archetypical Chinese wedding in Hong Kong. =}

Half way through the reception, the entire prepared schedule just went out the window. The food kept arriving, but we abandoned the attempts to follow the activities we were supposed to do.

After the shark's fin soup, the host families and the wedding party go around to toast each table. The host families are given tea in sniffers so that they can toast without getting smashed.

The bride's parents insisted on toasting with actual red wine. There were only 20 tables, but when they finished, they split up and did more rounds of toasting with their own families and friends.

They kept toasting. And toasting. And toasting. For the rest of the night. Red, red Asian glow and all.

The bride only changed once into her kwa. She had two other dresses to change into, but she was way too drunk to change. I think they finally did manage to get her changed into her third dress, but when she came out of the bridal change room, the entire entourage of girls headed straight for the washroom where she spent the next half hour to forty-five minutes puking.

We never did see her for the rest of the evening. I know a lot of people (at least the official wedding photographer did! XD) went into the bridal change room to get pictures of her drunk in her last dress and passed out on the floor. =D

The groom was more hammered than I've seen him in a long time. He couldn't speak properly, so his "speech" was a riot. =D

The wedding party could barely stagger in a zig-zag. And. Oh. My. God. The families were so, so smashed. You know how drunk Chinese will always scream 我沒醉! ("I'M NOT DRUNK!") when you tease them about it? These people were so smashed that they were admitting to being smashed. What else can you say when you've nearly flipped a table? =D No, really, I meant that literally. Everyone jumped up and out of the way because they really thought the table was going to flip.

Right around the time the groom and the bride's mother were throwing up, the groom's mother fell while playing some drinking challenge with her friends. She was alright. She just got right back up and continued playing extra rounds. =)

And we could always spot the bride's father from anywhere. He really stood out with his crimson red face with bright white hair. XD

The banquet had pretty much deteriorated to a wasteland of drunken rowdiness with a throng of fantastically happy drunks laughing, hooting and shouting the night away.

Good times. Good times. =)

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