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I might have a buyer for my laptop. =) A Co-worker's wife was wanting something, so I brought mine in to Work, to show him. If they want it, I'll take it home, move my stuff off of it, scrub it, reinstall WinXP, Office 2003, et ceteries.

And if they don't want it, no worries. I think one of userinfoHusband Guy's Uncles said they were kinda thinking about a laptop too.

So, I think from March of this year to now counts as A Fair Shake™ at using this thing. I have gotten used to the "low ceiling" feeling a bit, but I still don't like it. The screen isn't as bad of a fingerprint magnet as I thought. My husband is a complete and utter Don't Touch The Screen Nazi, so I must not be too bad with the pointing at the screen myself =D And the ghosting isn't too bad because where I sit, the lights are behind the screen.

I also find that I don't quite care if I get another machine of my own. I don't know if I'm just tired of trying to decide what computing device I want right now or if, for the first time in this half of my life, I don't care to be totally connected anymore. I've posted to my journal during a transpacific flight; I've out-geeked a lot of people and done some nifty things along the way. So, I'm thinking that I'll just sell this thing and see how I do going computer-less for a while.

I wouldn't be totally computer-less, of course. I have access at Work. I'm not online much at Work... well, that's not true, I'm perpetually online at Work. But it's for Work, not for leisure. The point is, it's still something. And from home, the guys have more than enough machines that I can use one for a while if I really wanted to do something. The only thing I absolutely need to do is pay bills.

So, sell it or keep it, get a new toy or don't... I can go either way.


Ha =D It was a no-go. It was going to be too heavy for them as well. And I sold him right off of it by saying so XD Ah, well. There's a reason I'm not in Sales; I don't want to sell people stuff they don't want... =)

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