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Evolution of Spoon from Hand

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To Demonstrate the Evolution of Spoon from Hand 2003 by Anne Wan 尹麗娟

Try this link if the one above doesn't work for you...

I saw this piece at the Hong Kong CLK airport in the departure hall by Gate 35. It's done in slip-cast porcelain and was one of many sculptures on display in large glass cases. Some of the others were hers as well and some of the others were by other artists.

This sculpture really struck a chord with me. It was much more expressive to me than the placard description.

In my mind, the Spoon From Hand symbolizes Give and Take. You take with hands; you give with spoons. Certainly, you can also give with hands and you can also take with spoons as well. It isn't clear which is doing what. And the pieces in the middle are some blend of the two.

In taking, we also give. In giving, we also take.

Neither exists without the other. They are intricately related. There isn't a clean cut distinction between the two. It isn't always clear, they're never pure actions in and of themselves.

To me, the sculpture speaks to the nature of our relationships whether it's with family, other people, our environment or even ourselves. Relationships are a two way street, requiring give and take from all parties. This is perhaps why there are two sets.

But, of course, I've been known to completely miss the point in artwork before.

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