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Travel Logistics to Shun-De

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I'm wide awake at this God-forsaken hour... =P

When we go out with family here, we're invariably translating things for our parents: questions and answers from venue service staff, menu items, signs and directions and stuff. This has become inveterate and I, apparently, can't turn it off.

While Dad and I were in Hong Kong, I was speaking English to the customer service folks and translated what they said into Cantonese. Yeah, HELLO. They speak CANTONESE in Hong Kong!! XD They'd pick up on it and start speaking Cantonese to us... probably thinking I'm some kind of nutcase. They'd be absolutely right... but that's not the point here. =\

For my own reference, this is how to get to Shun-De. Shun-De is a more rural industrial area. If I'm not going to be staying in Guangzhou, it's best not to make anyone drive out to Guangzhou to pick me up.

Have I explained the concept of "traffic" in China? It ALWAYS looks like rush hour there. And their rush hour looks like a national evacuation, something like that scene where everyone's trying to get out of Washington, DC in Independence Day, only 100 times worse. Traffic light rules: Green means "Go"; Red means "Just don't hit anybody"; nobody knows what the Yellow is for anyway, so it defaults to "Just go".

So, assuming I'm staying the night in Hong Kong:

  1. take a transpacific flight into Hong Kong.
  2. take the Airport Express 機場快線 to Kowloon station.
  3. grab a taxi to the hotel (the Kowloon Hotel makes the most sense logistically, but any hotel in that area will be about HKD 30.00 or less for a taxi ride).
  4. take the 飛翼船 hydrofoil ferry from Kowloon port to 南沙 Nan-Sha port.
  5. take the free shuttle bus service to the 龍江 ticket office.
  6. call the family for a ride from the Long-Jiang ticket office.

And the same thing in reverse on the way out.

Oh, and because Hong Kong has been filling in the South China Sea/Pearl River Delta to create more real estate(!!), it's affected the tides in the area. The water gets pretty rough where it meets the land.

DO NOT try to fill in your customs and immigration form near the Hong Kong side of the hydrofoil ride. I made that mistake on the way back. I had an "oh-shit" moment as we were pulling into HK and started filling in my form. It's better to wait until you're off the ferry first.

In Hong Kong, they drive on the left. This means when you're crossing the street, look RIGHT first. =P

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