The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

OMG Jet-Lag

weather: raining
outside: 8.5°C
mood: ...
I've never had jet-lag this bananas before. I was nearly dying at Work today... to the amusement of cow-orkers. =} It was especially bad at around 2:00pm or so, wherein my body was convinced that it was 5:00am and I hadn't slept all night.

I thought I might go to Yoga this evening and brutalize myself further so that I'd sleep better... but I wasn't that psycho. I did manage to stay awake and not nap this evening. I'm about to head off to bed for the night.

If I can't sleep tonight, I'm dragging my sorry ass off to Yoga tomorrow. =P

Posted by msg'ing frank over LJTalk.

Tags: nerdy, vacation2006

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