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Favorite Sweet Treat - 龍鬚糖

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What's your favorite sweet treat?

Dragon Beard Candy 龍鬚糖.

I rarely get to eat it because it's only something you see around the Lunar New Year celebrations, but it's nifty to watch it being made. Watch the video.

It's one whole tub of thick, gooey maltose sugar dumped into a pan of fine icing sugar or confectioners sugar. A chopstick is stabbed through the middle of the wad. It's pulled out into a doughnut shape and pulled more to stretch it thinner and thinner into less than the thickness of toothpaste accidentally squished out of the carelessly uncapped tube by the knee of a mountaineering child.

It's doubled up on itself and pulled out, doubled up, pulled out, again and again. A rope becomes a handful of rope. A handful of rope becomes a handful of string. The string becomes thinner and thinner. Eventually, you get a handful of white whispy gossamer threads.

I'm always mesmerized watching those threads move, towards the end. I always want to keep watching The Master flick the strand of Dragon's Beard at the end. One day, I'd really love to just have a small strand to play with to my heart's content. They've always looked so strange to me, like poorly done computer graphics animation of hair movement. It looks heavy and light at the same time... just very very unreal.

I'm odd. I like Dragon's Beard plain, just rolled up by itself, without the peanut crumble or anything else that they're usually rolled up with. The threads crunch if you chew on them, but they'll melt into a gob of maltose if you let it. I like that it's not sickly sweet.

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