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No Water? Drink Vodka.

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We had a big storm that kicked up the water in the Capilano reservoir that services North Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby. We've been under a boil-water advisory. Tap water is not safe to drink for at least a few days, maybe up to a week or two. We have to boil it if we want to drink it. It's not just because of the turbidity levels, although that makes it icky too. But the bacteria and parasites might not be killed by the chlorine treatment in these conditions.

It's supposedly not going to be over for a while because we expect more storms and massive gusty winds around.

People have been snapping up bottled water like we were in the middle of a disaster or something. I haven't seen the need to do that. It's a low risk, precautionary advisory. We're SO not fighting over bottled water with the rest of the crazy, punchy, fighty people. Yeah, it's gotten to violence in some places. *roll eyes* I'd rather save my claws energy for a real disaster.

We just boiled up a big kettle of twice filtered water from the Brita and a smaller pot for the Brother-In-Law Dude. That's mostly for brushing our teeth. We use the boiled water for either cooking or making hot drinks - tea, coffee, hot chocolate and the like.

For cold drinks... well, it was nice and civilized at the Liquor Store =D My attitude has been, if I can't get water, we'll just drink Vodka instead. XD The Husband picked up some more Smirnoff Ice Grape to add to the collection of Mandarin and Watermelon that I got just before the storm. I got a 4-pack of Bacardi Breezers (Blood, Orange, Mango and Peach =)

Yeah, we've discovered that userinfoHusband Guy likes the flavoured Vodka drinks. He's never liked alcoholic beverages. I think he's tried Smirnoff Ice before but for some reason, he only remembers the yeasty taste of beer and just remembers that he hates it. Vodka is probably much cleaner tasting.

We'll get him to try a Gin & Tonic or something by the time the year's out.


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Nov. 21st, 2006 09:08 pm (UTC)
Our company brought in bottled water for us on Friday, because they weren't sure the filtered water would be safe. We were joking they should have brought in beer instead, especially on a Friday afternoon! But, I guess they would rather have us sober to do our work.
Nov. 21st, 2006 09:18 pm (UTC)
Haha =) Don't these companies understand that on a Friday afternoon, people are way more productive drunk XD

It's like, the Law of Friday Afternoons =D
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