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Rimless Glasses

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I've been wanting to try a pair of rimless glasses for a long time, but I don't _need_ them, so I couldn't justify spending $300+ on something I didn't need.

userinfoHusband Guy found a blog entry that reviewed a whole bunch of discount online prescription eyewear sites. I don't remember the name of the fellow and I didn't bookmark the link, but I remember he went into way too much detail for me. He's one of those people who does EXTENSIVE consumer research before buying ANYTHING. I really admire people who do that though. I try, but I admittedly don't dig as far into things as I, perhaps, should.

Looking through the different sites in his review, I wandered my way over to Goggles4U. USD$25.99. No tax. Free shipping. With the exchange rate, it came to a whopping total of CAD$30.58. For $30, I can afford to get a play pair of glasses. And if they didn't work out, I wouldn't be too upset.

I went into it knowing that if there was anything wrong with them, there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. I could try to bring them in to LensCrafters and see if they'd adjust them for me, but that was about it. I had a pair of glasses once from a one-hour eyewear store that made my eyeballs feel like they were being squashed. The store staff tried everything they could, but nothing was helping and they finally just gave me a full refund.

So, I really wasn't going to get my hopes up. If these glasses weren't going to work, they'll just be donated to one of those Donate Your Old Glasses To A Child In A Developing Country bins.

Goggles4U lets you browse by category. Each category has a frillion pairs that you have to step through page by page. A different colour of the same style counts as a separate pair and is displayed separately. You have to have the patience to pore through it all. Tabbed Browsing and Bookmarks are your very best friends.

I finally decided on this pair. I didn't really like the pink on the temple tips, but I figured they'd be completely hidden when I'm wearing them.

When you're ordering, you need to provide an accurate prescription as well as your Pupil Distance. I was due for my biennial eye exam anyway, so I got my Pupil Distance measured while I was there. There are instructions floating around on the internet as to how to measure yourself, but my Optometrist, Dr. Dosanjh, said that was very prone to error.

So, there you have it: if you're going to order glasses online, get your Pupil Distance measured by a professional along with your prescription.

I ordered the glasses on November 18 and they arrived Thursday, November 30. I missed the delivery, so I wound up actually receiving them today.

When the Canada Post clerk returned from the back room, he handed me a loosely sewn shut, plain white cloth sack from Pakistan. =D Inside was a styrofoam block with my glasses in it sitting in the hard cover case. They were in a clear plastic bag packed in cotton. The lettering on the white sack was done with a Sharpie with the neatest block letters. Digression: I have a theory that people who write regularly in Asian and Middle Eastern glyphs have a more trained/honed sense of proportion and balance in penmanship, so their Roman/Cyrillic characters are very neat and tidy by virtue of that.

Anyway, the glasses fit very well and I can see very well through them. I don't get that squashed feeling in my eyeballs. I don't even need to bring it to a store to get anything adjusted. The pink on the temple tips isn't as bright as they look in the picture (they look like a dull, muted peach) which is fantastic. Maybe I was just that lucky.

Shipping cost them 340 Pakistan Rupees which is about USD$5.59/CAD$6.39. They also came with a little eyewear screwdriver-keychain thing, two extra nose-pads with tiny screws. The case that they came in, is the butt ugliest flurescent orange/red hard cover case I have ever seen, so I'm going to be getting a different one for it XD

Now that I have them, I think I might have chosen a style that had a larger total frame width. But I really couldn't ask for anything more for not being able to try them in person before buying.

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