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Being in software in North America means we don't have a dress code. I usually wear jeans, some random shirt (t-shirt in the summer, maybe a sweater in the winter) and a pair of sneakers to work. I don't wear makeup. I don't do my hair... I don't even comb my hair.

Today, I went to work wearing a business outfit. A burgundy shirt under a suit jacket, A SKIRT... THAT MATCHES THE JACKET (OMGOMG!!!), pantyhose, heels (but sensible shoes). I haven't worn a skirt in at least a year and NEVER to Work. I did minimal makeup, but it's still a fairly big contrast to my regular days looking like a dead broom.

Now, about the only time IT folks dress like this is for job interviews.

*ominous chord*

My IT Director questioned me about it and I replied, "I have an interview."

You could just _hear_ the *schlyoop* sound of her face falling. =}

    "The company is in downtown as well... you might have heard of them... Work? They're looking for a Tech Writer in the Vancouver office."

Oh, I got her good. XD XD Well, I did offer her a hug afterwards. =)

I also got a few cow-orkers too =D I've always believed in working to the Hit-By-A-Bus Rule™. I try to leave as much documentation and instructions as possible for others in my group. I try to satisfy the question: If I suddenly disappear off the face of the planet tomorrow, what does my team need to continue without me?

I also believe in letting everyone gain breadth of knowledge. I like rotating people around to different tasks. It's a little more time consuming but it really pays off when we don't lose a lot of time when someone goes on vacation or suddenly has to take bereavement leave or whatever. I don't like companies that have people "specialize" in certain components only. I'm never very vocal about that, I've never had to be because Work is very sane and usually on the same page with me about it. This week, though, I've been saying a few things out loud.

In meetings, I've been saying things like "so, who can I give this thing to?" and "I'm going to pass this task off to So&so."

I had people going too =D

So, yes, until we hire a real Tech Writer, we can pretend and hobble along with yours truly. It's just something that I haven't tried before. I've done Tech Support, I've done Development, I've done QA. This is a new corner that I haven't poked in yet.

I don't even know if I qualify, I still might not get the job. I'm so far from an English Major, it's not even funny. I found qualifications and job postings online and some of them looked kinda scary. The Project Manager is humouring me with an interview (hence the attire), but that's all I know right now.

I'm also enrolling myself in Beginning Italian come January. Our manuals are translated into French and Italian by professional translators, but I'd like to learn some very basics so that I have some familiarity and small bits can go much faster.

I say, if we're going to hobble, let's hobble with class and panache.

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