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Air Horn Fun

weather: raining
outside: 8.4°C
mood: amused

Co-Worker-Girl-A was almost run over by an asshole who ran a stop sign. She was pushing her son in a stroller across a pedestrian controlled crosswalk at the time. They're both okay. She was just really freaked out. Her son doesn't seem to actually understand what just transpired... he was apparently giggling just after the incident =\

I thought that an air horn would be a good thing for her to carry with her. Or at least it would be funny =D

Not to make light of a serious situation, but what's happened has happened and this might help her feel better. There's an empowerment that you feel from "doing something about it" after the trauma of almost being killed.

I went out for lunch and stopped by a Canadian Tire. They have a few different types of air horns. One was a rechargeable one with the Red Cross emblem on it. You can pump it up again with a bicycle tire pump to reuse it.

I picked the SeaSense one because the 1.4oz can was teeny-tiny and way too adorable to pass up would easily fit into her pocket. =) We tried it carefully, just a little in the office... yeah, that was a bad idea... very very loud... >_<

I'd like to see it in action on a butthead driver. I'd like to see if it actually causes loss of bladder control. =)

Ah well.

We have a handbell in the office that we use for announcements or generally getting everyone's attention. It sounds like either a fire truck or a milk cart, depending on the time period and/or region we're in. Our IT Director Lady says she hates ringing it. So, we'll just give her the air horn as an alternative and maybe that will make the handbell sound like a better idea to her =D

I hate the handbell too, it makes me feel really self-conscious. But oddly enough, I'm actually okay with the idea of blasting the air horn. I might try to find an air horn that's not quite so loud. I know there are ones that are safe to use indoors...

We'll see... XD



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