The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

I Feel Sorry For Some People

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People who think they're so ingenious by getting information behind my back.

People who won't find out all the facts.

People who ask for both plusses and minuses, but in the end, arbitrarily dismiss all the plusses completely. Or only ask about the minuses, then conclude that the situation is disadvantageous. I don't know which.

People who won't hear the whole story.

Because they've lost my respect. I've written this company off. They have incredibly immature and unfair hiring practices. And now that I think about some of the people involved, I don't know how I didn't see this before. I can see now that they're obviously not interested in doing the right thing.

They decided to check up on my "references" without telling me. They didn't even accord me the courtesy of an interview. They didn't ask me for a list of references. They just happened to be "talking with someone". I don't even know who it was, but they must not have worked with me because the things that person said made no sense to me or anyone I've ever worked with.

I did express that I thought it was unfair and I would have appreciated him telling me that I was even being considered in the first place. And even if I agree, for the moment, that they have the right to go behind my back, he clearly didn't have any intention of letting me respond and it was set up in a way that would not allow me to respond fairly. Like I said, they're not interested in doing the right thing.

He told me one of the comments was that I "cannot meet deadlines reliably"; that there was a "concern regarding professionalism"; that I "could not be put in front of a customer".

Now that I have done a little follow up, it still makes no sense. Anyone who knows me and has worked with me gets this incredibly confused look on their face when I say this.

I've held a Technical Customer Service position before. I've had commendations across the board from each client that was under my care. One of the clients wrote to the VP of Operations about the exceptional service and the hard work I put into the project.

I was fortunate enough to have worked with an incredible Manager Guy with an amazing "do whatever the hell it takes to get the job done" work ethic. And that has always been my personal motto and work philosophy.

"Not being able to meet deadlines reliably"... that is plain bullshit. Those are not my words. It is unanimously the same words out of everyone's mouth when I tell them that this is something that was said of me.

Husband Guy also knew these people and is very upset. He knows how hard I've been working; he's floored that A) anyone would say that about me and B) the unprofessional behaviour of the company.

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