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I started Italian classes two weeks ago. They're two hour sessions, once a week on Monday evenings.

Tomorrow I have to do a two minute presentation in front of the class to introduce myself in Italian using the things we've learned in the first two classes. I have it written, I just have to keep practicing now.

It's pretty amazing how far you can get with just the present tense of a few verbs, a smattering of vocabulary, the alphabet, numbers and some common expressions. I'm amazed that I have four full paragraphs — IN ITALIAN — describing various aspects of myself.

I've started an Italian journal, posted my intro presentation and various notes I've been collecting. I've been spending most of my time with that in the last little while. I want that journal to be all Italian and as little English as possible. And what is in English will be boring grammer or linguaphile stuff. It's nothing more than my atrociously broken Italian gabbing. The further along I get, I will hopefully be veering in the direction of Business Italian. So, it'll get even more zonky and boring.

We'll see how that works out though. =)

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