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We're planning to sell the house. It was fine when there were 7 adults here, but now that the Brother-in-Law Dude has bought his own place and is moving out soon, we're down to three people and userinfotwo userinfobirds.

So, hopefully, we'll be moving very soon... shashin, will you be available for an afternoon one weekend in the next month or two? I'd like to talk to you about a photo session of the house just before we sell =)

We've started looking for a place to rent/lease for about a year, maybe slightly more. We've contacted a few places on Craig's List, but there have been no responses so far. It's a bit odd.

We've been leaving e-mail or voice messages that say something like: "Hello, we're interested in the suite you posted on Craig's List [reference number]. We're looking to rent a place for three adult occupants (my husband, my mother-in-law and myself) for a year and possibly slightly over a year. We can be reached at [...]. Please let us know if the suite is still available. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks."

I would have thought that was okay for a first ping. Is there anything else I need to be saying? Any magic words I'm missing?

One of the first things we were going to mention in a returned phone call or face-to-face meeting was our two birds. Some of the ads say "No Pets", but I'm not sure if people realize that avian pets aren't like dogs and cats. Cockatiels weigh at most 100g (3.5oz) which is really not enough to be capable of property damage. Our two stay in their cages and are only let out when we're with them. They might chirp when they hear someone, but generally don't make a whole lot of noise. They don't smell much. At their dirtiest, they smell like a dusty cardboard box. Their poop doesn't smell unless you don't clean it for months and months and we clean their cages almost every week.

Our original plan was to only rent for a few months, until we can do a few things to this house, sell it, buy another one, renovate it to our liking and move in to stay.

But now, a long time family friend has gotten my Mother-in-Law interested in house flipping. Now we want to buy a property with a really old house, tear it down and completely rebuild, live in it for a year, then sell it. Living in it for a year makes it a residential home, which is then GST exempt. From my point of view, that gives us a chance to see the workmanship and make sure the thing isn't falling apart before someone else takes it. But that's the QA in me talking. =}

We're really excited and supportive of Mom doing this... (why yes, as a matter of fact, I have been watching too much HGTV). =D The General Contractor she'd be going through is Uncle Ma, the family friend that told her about the properties that he's been working on. They all had one or two unique features, I guess, but they were all mostly boring and cookie-cutter to me. I think it's an excellent opportunity for her to get out there, learn things, do stuff and meet people.

I've always thought that only being a housewife was a waste of her life and her brain. She's well educated and very intelligent. She might be a little naïve sometimes, in certain aspects, but she learns fast and I'd be completely comfortable with her doing house flipping as long as Uncle Ma is in on it as well.

I'm not sure how I will feel to be out of this house. It's been my primary residence for a long time, so there are memories here, but I'm also looking forward to moving on, for various reasons.

We also saw the Brother-in-Law's new place this weekend. It looks bright, clean and new. It's a good size for him. It's close to work for him, it's in a pretty happenin' area and close to a lot of stuff. The current owners just put in hardwood floors and repainted. They have a cat that has the softest fur I have ever felt. I thought he was a girl at first because he was so soft. The couple was home for the inspection, so we chatted. The cat was a black domestic long hair with the silhouette of some maine coon, some ragdoll and in the sunlight, I thought I saw a ghosting of tortie in the hind quarters. He was shy for a four year old, but intensely curious too and, like most kitties, he was not going to pass up a head/ear/neck scritching, even from a stranger like me. =)

In any case, I would have preferred having the Brother-in-Law live with us over living somewhere else. But I can understand that when you get to a certain age, you want a place to call your own. I think when we finally find a permanent home, we'll try to get something that he can move into with us (like a semi-separate suite or something) but can be used for something else if he chooses not to live with us.

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