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belphebe commented in my last post that saying we only want to stay for a year might be a problem because the owners don't want the hassle of having to find new tenants all over again in a year.

But someone else told us to definitely mention the time because the owners can only increase the rent for an existing tenant a certain amount per year, they can only hike the rent more drastically if they get a new tenant. And rent prices are on the up and up in Vancouver because of the 2010 Olympics.

In any case, we avoided mentioning the time altogether. We finally got responses for the phone inquiries. I'm now convinced that Craig's List doesn't forward e-mail properly.

HOLY DOODLES, when things happen, they happen FAST. I was preparing to buckle down for a long house hunt, but we only really saw a few places.

I went with my Mother-In-Law yesterday to see a few. userinfoHusband Guy couldn't make it, so we decided to go have a look at a few first.

The first one was in a fantastic location, very close to where we're already living. I told the Husband that unless it was a total dump, that I wanted it. Well, it wasn't a total dump, but it was dumpy enough that I didn't want it. The suite was small, dark and the layout was awkward. They called it "2 bedrooms" in the posting, but one of the bedrooms was actually a large-ish public area with a bed in it. I think it was actually meant to be a dining room(!) It was phenomenal what they wanted for the rent. Mom and I both thought, "um okay, no thanks." I didn't feel too bad because there seemed to be tons of other people looking at it and chatting the owners up. We just kinda thanked them very politely and left.

Then we saw a ground floor suite. We liked this one much better. The owner is a first generation immigrant from the Guangzhou/HK area that has been in Vancouver for 20 years. They have a Chinese family in there right now who are leaving soon.

We were actually thinking quite seriously about this one. The owners are very nice and they do speak Mandarin which is all that much easier if Mom needs something. It's a bit out there, but it's a very nice neighbourhood. The house looks tidy and well kept. There are three bedrooms, so there was some storage space for us. And rent was only a little more than the first place.

The third place we saw was an apartment. The outside doesn't impress. It really doesn't. I was prepared to be not impressed. But once we saw it, this one totally blew the other two out of the water. The apartment is large, spacious, newly painted, new flooring. It's in an AWESOME, AWESOME area. The kitchen is tiny, but you don't honestly expect to be wow'ed by a kitchen in an older apartment building.

The building has limited parking spots for tenants, but none are available at the moment. The next one available will be for us, but it would only be one spot. We have two cars, so we have to rent parking space somewhere else.

Laundry is probably a coin laundry downstairs. Or I'm sure there's a coin laundry somewhere in the neighbourhood.

The posting says "No Pets", but we asked and the birds are okay =) Their concern is the smell, fleas, property damage and noise (mostly barking), none of which the two little pipsqueaks are really capable of.

I think this is it. We handed in our application form tonight and I've contacted a nearby parkade for parking.

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