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I am reallyreallyreally coveting these two programs:

UBC in Verona, Italy: Language, Opera and Cuisine

Experience the famous city of Romeo and Juliette. Morning language classes at a renowned school are complemented by historical excursions in the afternoons. The program also includes tickets for four opera performances in the incredible setting of the Roman Arena.

June 17 - July 1. CAD$3,250
Airfare not included.

An Operatic Tour of Salzburg and Munich with Diane King

Join UBC instructor and opera expert Diane King for this adventure in Bavaria and Austria, renowned for their rich musical history and dramatic countryside. Experience the operas of Mozart and Wagner, and travel to the locations where they were composed. Opera performances at the Salzburg Summer Festival and Munich Opera House are included.

July 2007. Price TBA.
Airfare not included.

The very idea of going on programs like these makes me meltie. Most likely not this year, but maybe in the 2010 timeframe, give or take.

I may not go on these exact programs, but I would like some kind of educational, structured activity vacation. Italy takes precedence over Germany for me, so if there were an Operatic Tour of Italy that includes Teatro alla Scala, I'm all there.

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