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Lane Cedar Hope Chests

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So, I had a lady e-mail me almost immediately about those two wooden storage trunks of ours. She asked me what kind of wood they were. I didn't know, but I got curious, so I googled around for it.

Wow, they're old/discontinued versions of the Lane Stratford II Cedar Hope Chest with a Cherry finish. And they retail at about USD$350. That would explain why they're so phenomenally heavy.

There's very interesting history with Lane Furniture, actually. During World War II, they won a large government contract to make military equipment boxes and then after the war, they converted their factories into manufacturing plants of cedar hope chests.

Apparently, there have been documented cases of kids crawling inside to play (you can totally see some little bugger trying to pretend it's Dracula's coffin), closing the lid and suffocating... well, yeah, that lid is really heavy. I can also imagine some kid getting seriously hurt from closing it on themselves because the lid free-falls shut. =P The lady and her husband don't have children. They do have a German Shepherd, so I said to be careful with puppy's nose. Otherwise he'll become a duck. XD

Used Lane hope chests auction off anywhere from about USD$50-100. I'm perfectly okay with the price we sold them at (CAD$50 each). The $100 ones tend to have an extra shelf on the lid. Ours don't have the extra shelves, they're old, we want to get rid of them and we're not delivering...

We thought the keys were missing. Grandma and Grandpa lined the bottom with a sheet of folded brown packaging paper. The keys were in their original envelopes beneath. I found it when I tried to find the "aroma-tite®" brand because the original promo tag (THAT WAS STILL ATTACHED) said that only genuine Lane chests had the "aroma-tite®" brand.

Oh, the treasures that I keep finding with this thing. There's a free send-away thing where you can order a custom "With Love" placard for the chest. There's also a "secret" slot at the back of the chest to "hide" the key. The original warranty card is still in there. It's long expired, but ... aigh, silly Grandma. =)

There are some splotches on it that I couldn't get off with just a damp cloth, so we're going to try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser thing before she comes over next week to pick them up. The lady didn't seem to notice them when she came over to look at it today. She said she fell even more deeply in love with them now that she's seen them. She said she'd try to re-upholster them too.

I'm happy she's happy. And I'm happy that they're going to someone who loves them and will appreciate them =)

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