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Another Toy: LinkedIn

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So, the latest toy is LinkedIn. I'm in there under my maiden name. You're very welcome to add me if you're so inclined. The e-mail address is my first name at gmail dot com =)

I caved. *bibble* I was resisting joining yet another online toy just to play for a while and then have no idea what to do with afterwards. But it seems to be very accommodating for resumé-like info and I've always thought it was a good idea to have a copy of the resumé ready to go at any time anyway.

I've found a lot of people I know/knew... including a lot of LJers on my Friends List and people not on my Friends List. Yeah, I'm connected to a lot more people than that, I'm just not sure what the protocol is for adding people. Granted, the user base should be a lot more mature than certain other networkie sites, but still... when I go to add someone, I hesitate, like "What if they don't _want_ to be associated with me? What if they don't want my piddly recommendation?" =P

I took the opportunity to write some recommendations for people I'd worked with in the past, people who I enjoyed working with and who I wanted to thank for making work interesting. I plan to write some for current colleagues next. That's somewhat more intimidating to me.

It's also made me pause to wonder when might be a good time to switch to my married name entirely. "Not now" seems to be the only conclusion I can come to.

Tags: nerdy, professional development

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