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Lyric Tenor: Charles Logan

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Charles Logan

    No stranger to the stage, lyric tenor and Gemini Award nominee Charles Logan has appeared in concert across North America. In addition to his performances in Washington, Arizona, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, his solo work has been recorded and broadcast on Classic KING-FM radio in Seattle. ...

I'm fussy about Lyric Tenors. I tend to gravitate away from them and favour listening to the Heldontenor instead. It's one of those types of voices that, for me, can very easily become annoying if it's not done well. And even then, those who DO do it well are still capable of annoying me.

But he's recently posted a few recordings to his website and I wanted to show Dad this young man's amazing voice. I thought I'd put it here as well.

Random Thoughts:

  • There were a few times when I wanted to shoot his accompanist...
  • What a hottie! =D
  • Charles Logan has this randomizing effect on me. =D
  • He's a talented artist/designer as well. He designed his own website and he also did an exceptionally beautiful, elegant one for a certain flautist that shall remain nameless.
  • He's also a pretty big geek.
  • I'd SO LOVE to hear what he does with a Gregorian Chant... maybe one day.
  • See what I mean about randomization? =)
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