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Oy, my body hurts. I vacuumed about 4000sqft's worth of newly laid carpet yesterday.

After giving them a fair try, I've decided that I really don't like upright, bagless vacs. After watching dust get blown outwards away from the nozzle, just out of the box as well as shortly after cleaning out all the bins and filters; after watching the outer casing collect more dust than the vacuum sucks up; after trading it for a Eureka Whirlwind Lite and finding the same damned thing, I had just about had it.

As far as vacuums go, I'd rather change bags.

So, kat_box, you're very welcome to keep my Bissel or give it to someone who needs/wants it. I'll be returning your Eureka sometime this week. I'll surprise you. =D

Incidentally, our old little Kenmore canister vacuum had to be brought out of retirement and really pulled us through The Big House Cleanup Job of 2007. We're finally getting rid of it, not because it's stopped working, but because it's been over 20 years, it's on its last legs and it's just time now.

So, we have a brand spanking new, hot rod red, Kenmore Elegance today. =) I didn't like the hot rod red, but it's an excellent vacuum, so I conceded.

It merrily sucked up a bag and a half of loose carpet crumbs from having brand new carpet. And we brought it over to the apartment. It was great for both. It hugged the stairs well in the old house and it has soft wheels for the hardwood floor in the apartment. The base unit has a motor but can also be air driven, which is nice for bare floors.

We can use the bags that we got for the old vacuum, they're Kenmore standards. After that, we'll get the Kenmore HEPA filter bags.

So, now I don't know what to do with the Swiffer® SweeperVac®. It just isn't enough. It has trouble holding a charge long enough to do the entire 1200sqft apartment. I can only really do a third to a half at a time before it gives me this gaggy and tired sound. Add to that, having to emptying the cup and clean the filter, and I'm really not impressed.

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