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I'm helping do some interviewing at Work. And I'm also ranting on someone else's behalf. He somehow doesn't want to say this himself, though, honestly, I think his boss would even heartily agree with us. =}

I want to know that I'm hiring someone who enjoys their work and wants to do it well. There is really no point in hiring someone who doesn't like what they're doing, doesn't want to be at work and isn't going to be self-motivated to contribute.

I want someone who can see what needs to be done and takes initiative to fill in the gaps and holes where they exist in our process and organization. I want someone who can pitch in.

I want someone who demonstrates the understanding that they're not going to have everything handed to them on a silver platter. Yes, you're going to have to roll up your sleeves and dig for the answers yourself.

I need people who can do the leg work, isolate particular circumstances and occurrences, gather as much information as possible before asking questions. There ARE such things as stupid questions. I don't care what ANYONE says.

I want someone who knows how to measure quality and has in their head, timeless, proven strategies that can be adjusted to each project. The specifics of working in our environment should just be fine tuning. We're looking to incorporate fresh new ideas too.

I want someone who has a "Customer Service" philosophy about their work; someone who does what's right for the Customer. Not just do what's easy. Not just do what's convenient for us. But do and advocate doing what's right for the Customer. And by "Customer" I don't just mean the company's customers, I mean everyone you have to work with. Even if you're doing something for a co-worker, for that moment, for that task, they are "Your Customer".

I want someone who not only has learning spirit but teaching spirit, at any level of position. Not writing anything down and being the only person in the company who knows how to do something DOES NOTHING for your job security. You can still be tossed any time regardless of how much you know or do. And far from being revered, the people who have to pick up the pieces after you will hate you all that much more for not making it easier for them.

Know when to give the man a fish; know when to teach the man to fish.

I want someone who is actually interested in our company and our IT group. I've always felt that the candidate is interviewing the employer just as much as the employer is interviewing the candidate. And that's regardless of the job you're interviewing for. I want the interview to feel like it's going to be a successful business deal with between equal partners in a win-win situation.

Because I would expect any good employer to want that from me as well.

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