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I have a new phone. Well, I've had a new phone for a while.

I now tote along a Sony Ericsson W810i with a crystal case. My phone is white, but the crystal case shows up better on a black phone.

I got a Nokia 5300 for my Dad. He hates flip phones, but he also wants something small. That narrows down the choices considerably. The Nokia 5300 is a bit of a compromise — a slider. It's still a good size brick, but we'll see what he says. If he likes the Sony Ericsson better, I'll give him that and I'll take the Nokia. I like the sliding thing better, but the Sony Ericsson has better features.

In the meantime, I've discovered that I can't use MP3s for ring tones. That was supremely poopty for a while. So, I've finally gotten around to searching for good MIDIs of my favorite songs.

Thus far, I have:

  • Congratulations, Ah My Goddess
  • The Secret of Monkey Island Opening Theme
  • Danny Boy
  • Picard's Ressican Flute Piece, The Inner Light
  • Star Trek: TNG Theme
  • Star Trek: First Contact Theme
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Theme
  • The Legend of Zelda Theme
  • Kakariko Village, Zelda III

The first four made me very very squeeful. =) The Congratulations from Ah My Goddess was a particularly exciting find because it's the adagio arrangement and it's more rare than the regular upbeat allegro arrangement.

Not all of them are good for ring tones though. Some of them start off too mellow. Good ring tones really need to start with a burst of sound.

No one has a good conversion of the Ba'ku Village Theme from Star Trek: Insurection. The best one I've found still drops too many notes =P But I've tried converting MP3s to MIDI myself, so I can appreciate how difficult it is to compensate for the loss of data. Just doing "Congratulations" had me fuming so hard.

Anyway. Very. Squee. Yes. =D


HOLY SHIT!!!! I just found the Moderato and Andante Semplice movements to the Danse Russe suite from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. WOW! Wowowowow!!! And it starts off really nicely for a ring tone too!!! =D =D =D

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