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My Boy's Home

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userinfoThe Little Boy is home.

His collar is still on and he's in a new cage especially built for him by the wonderful people at Night Owl. Click on the thumbnails to see:

Split level studio

Closeup of his favorite corner


They make the most amazing bird cage arrangements.

Sid is not supposed to climb, it's too clumsy with the collar on. So they made him a little split level studio with a sunken living room =) He has easy access to his food and water. It's actually smaller than his original cage, but it's laid out horizontally, so it feels like he has more room to move and stretch. If he looses his balance and falls, he won't fall very far and won't hurt himself as much. Face plants would still be rather painful though =P

We have him on top of a filing cabinet now so that he'll be higher than userinfoSid. That's how birds determine dominance: they'll try to get higher up than the others. If his cage were lower than userinfoSkippy's highest perch, he'd always be tempted to climb. So, putting him up higher to begin with, will curb that temptation in him.

I love this cage so much that I'm wondering if we can buy him a similar but bigger cage and make it a split level just like this one. We'll be bringing him in to Dr. MacDonald again next week, so we'll talk to her then. Maybe we could arrange some kind of trade with them, like his old cage for this new one... maybe with a donation... something.

I can hear him chewing on the edges of the collar O_O

Okay, there seems to be no damage to the collar whatsoever. *phew* He can reach some parts of himself, so he can partially groom.

Oh, I almost forgot. Night Owl sometimes puts some birds out in the reception/waiting area. These are usually the birds that are not sick but are just boarded because their owners are on holidays or whatever. While I was waiting for Sid yesterday, a boy cockatoo, parked on one side of the waiting room, got flirty with me and then bent his head down for neck scritches =D Aaaaawww... =)

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