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Who Needs a Bear Hug?

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I could use a bear hug.

I have a software release tonight. I'm QA on my project that is going Live tonight. This project has been an extra brutal one on many levels.

This is the first project after a department and process reorganization. Where there were 5-6 QA on one project before, we're left with roughly the same project scope and JUST ME as the sole QA resource on a cross-functional team. I pulled some bug statistics from the bug tracker and I've somehow managed to log more bugs alone in this one than the total number of bugs in the other projects that had bugs logged by a full QA team.

This was one of the tightest in terms of deadline because it's on the critical path for a whole series of things to come. Other projects have eaten up a lot of the slack already, so we're left with no time to delay the deadlines.

There is a brutal data migration/synchronization component to it. We had tried to test with isolated QA test cases as well as a copy of the Production database and kept hitting brick wall after brick wall in business issues, policy issues, LAN security issues, staffing issues, data size issues, multiple components, performance issues... you name it.

We deal with financial transactions. There's always the pressure of CANNOT Get This Wrong™.

And true to Murphy's Law, we had panic attacks about 1 hour to Go Live. It's been a race to the finish and we just barely squeaked through.

It's now in our capable SysAdmins' hands. I've volunteered to hang out in the office in case they need me. I've been in their shoes and the support of a human guide really does help. We got over some bumps and things are going along well at the moment.

Don't get me wrong, I still love my job. I'm feeling pretty decent about this last project and the last big re-org.

But a hug would still be nice right about now.

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