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Show & Tell: Wallet

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Can I see your wallet?

What is it about peoples' wallets that are so neat to kibbitz? I guess it's interesting to see what people keep in them, how they organize them, how they use them, mentally compare the credit card expiry date against how worn out the card looks (and see if the owner tries to justify it to you), whose pictures they carry in it, etc. It's like being able to peek into their soul with both hands around the sides of your eyes blocking the outside light so you can see better =)

This is my current wallet [pics: with flash; no flash]. I get comments on it all the time, so I thought I should chuck it in here as a journal entry.

It's black with three acrylic, shiny, MacOSX-style aqua flowers on it. I'm always drawn to the simple-but-lovely look.

I got it at Ardène, one of those ultimate annoying pre-teen girly stores at the mall. Most of their stuff is cheap plastic, chintzy and gawdy. But once in a while, I'll see something cute and cool.

I saw my wallet about 5 years ago and bought it because it was so darned pretty. It was in the clearance bin for $10 or $20. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but I remember thinking it wouldn't last long because it was so cheap. I thought the zipper would break or the flowers would fall off within a month or two. But, thankfully, it still hasn't shown a whole lot of signs of wear and tear. =)

It's probably the most non-functional, pain in the ass wallet I have ever owned. XD It has no full length slot for cash. I have to fold my bills in half and just stuff them in one of the pouches. I find that this hasn't been too bad though. It means I take a little longer putting change away when I'm at a cash register though. But I've gotten used to just moving off to the side or borrowing some near waist-height real estate nearby in the store to organize myself before I leave.

The wallet was made for children. By and large, children don't need to deal with adult-type consumer transactions involving cash or credit/debit/ID cards.

But I put up with it because it's such a cute wallet. XD And, besides, the inconvenience of it helps curb the spending. =)

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