The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

June Random Amusements

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  • Scene - 7-Eleven counter.

      Me: "One-zone bus tickets please."

      *lady hands me a pack of tickets*

      Me: "Um, sorry, Adult one-zone, please."

    [Transit Fares] *sigh* DO I LOOK 65+? >K{

  • British Airways has an extremely impressive list of titles to choose from in their Executive Club online registration. They have "Rear Admiral", but not "Butt Pirate". XD

    They're missing "His Excellency" and "Her Excellency" for current Canadian Governor Generals and spouses. They're missing "The Right Honourable", abbreviated "Rt Hon" for retired Canadian Governor Generals, current and retired Canadian Prime Ministers, and current and retired Canadian Chief Justices.

    They're also missing "The Venerable" for ordained Buddhist monks and nuns.

    And I couldn't resist writing to them to tell them so. *puh*

    Yes, that QA streak is the entirety of my life. I go around verifying everybody else's things and logging issues for them =}

  • Speaking of beer... or not speaking of beer, as the case may be:

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