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We've become regulars at a local Taiwanese style eatery. I even have my own custom dish that's not on the menu.

Their 五更腸旺, which is a spicy pork blood and organ stew on rice, is a favorite of mine. I especially love the pork blood cubes. I always ask for 小辣 (mild) and even that can be a bit too much for me towards the end.

But it's pure runny-nosed, teary-eyed and fiery-breathed enjoyment. =)

They also have a 豬紅湯 or 豬血湯 which is the spicy pork blood and organ stew in soup. It isn't supposed to be the same thing, but to save the effort, they dump the 五更腸旺 into a broth and call it 豬血湯. I don't mind, I really like it this way too.

And just for me, they add noodles to the 豬血湯. =)

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