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I took Friday off and Monday was the Canada Day stat. So, naturally, the co-workers were all What did YOU do this weekend? on me on Tuesday.

The userinfoHusband Guy painted my toenails. And it took all weekend to fix it. XD

No, I'm kidding. =)

I'm quite proud of him. He did a pretty good job for a guy who's never touched a bottle of nailpolish before.

It's only a little gobby and uneven... in a few places... per toe.

I haven't talked about movies we've watched in a long time. That would be because we haven't actually watched any in a long time. Well, no, I think we have, but they've been so unmemorable that I haven't bothered.

We saw Pan's Labyrinth () and I thought it was an amazing movie. It was hilarious that when the fairies flew around and squeeped, userinfoour userinfobirds kept trying to "talk" to them by making almost the same squeeping sounds =)

In one nighttime scene, Ofelia and her mother were asleep. I made a comment about being confused at the temperature. I noticed Ofelia was wearing a sweater, but her mother was in a thin cotton sleeveless nightgown. The Husband says, "well, she _is_ pregnant..."

Wow. Progesterone levels are high during pregnancy and it does cause the body temperature to be elevated a little. I was downright impressed.

We also saw The Queen (). I'm one of the minority who didn't like this one at all.

Helen Mirren and James Cromwell totally win, hands down, at the Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip Look-alike Contest, but that was about all the entertainment value I got out of it. I'm positive that the entire cast are great actors because I've seen them in other movies doing a fantastic job — I loved Michael Sheen as an insane Nero and James Cromwell, from Farmer Hogget to Zefram Cochrane. I thought they all would have had better things to do than this little Royal/Tony Blair Publicity Thingie™. And it really was a waste of time. Both the Establishment and the people are so full of themselves.

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