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Huh... For a while, I couldn't figure out why the roar of spam just suddenly slowed way down.

Anyway, I now take the bus home from work. I carpool to work with the Husband but he leaves later than I do, so it's mostly for my convenience.

A whole gig on my phone and a bus ride home every day sounds like the perfect opportunity for some audio books. I've been getting Public Domain ones from Librivox and I'll borrow from the library next. And if the one-hit wonders of today are still around in a few years, maybe I'll give them a second thought.

I had never had much success with audio books before, but I realized that it was because I tried to listen to them while I was doing something else. I can't do that because when I concentrate on something, I'll focus and completely tune out everything else. But I'm really enjoying a chapter a day while spacing out on a bus ride. It's an excellent way for me to unwind.

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