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Today was Fun

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... for certain values of "fun". =\

I won the Totally Weird & Convoluted Bug Award at Work. Well, I win that all the time, but today's thing was particularly whacky. I saw a bizarre symptom of the problem that seemed to only happen to me and no one else. It took a whole day and a half to hunt down the exact conditions (very specific species of butterfly, very special sneeze).

I also crashed an ATM.

It ate my card, rebooted itself and barfed BIOS settings all over. Did you know that they're still running OS/2 Warp? =D

I've seen/heard about the ATM card scam. I'm fairly sure it wasn't that. No one tried to help me, ask for my PIN or anything shady like that. I always use the same machine at the same branch and the card slot didn't look odd or different to me.

I think I'll go back later this evening to see if it finished rebooting or what it's doing.

Anyway, I will be going to a bank branch tomorrow morning, but I wrote to the online banking support folks about the incident. I wanted to have a written record of things (branch, bank machine, date time stamp) so that I wouldn't be held responsible for usage of the card after it was eaten.

[Update - 2032h]

I went back out to check on the machine. It had finished booting up and was cycling through the "Please insert your card" screens. That worried me at first. I thought someone might have fished my card out. But I tried my credit card and it wouldn't accept it, so I think my card is still stuck inside.

I would have cancelled before I went through with that transaction because cash advances are loan sharking. I'd rather not have money than use my credit card for cash.

So, now the bank has security surveillance of me jabbing and then peering into the card slot. *sigh*

[Update - 2053h]

The Husband told me to change the PIN. Yeah, you need the card to change the PIN, userinfoSmart Guy™ XD

[Update - Friday, August 03, 2007 - 1328h]

I have a temporary card now... and cash for the weekend... and laughed at uproariously by cow-orkers for crashing a bank machine. S'all good. =)

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