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Welcome to Shitty Bank Mastercard

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More stuff that I previously hadn't had the time or inclination to write:

I was looking for the Citibank personal banking assistance one morning on Citibank's Contact Page. I called the Credit Card line by mistake. The automated greeting is a bit fuzzified on the phone and sounds like it's saying: "Welcome to Shitty Bank Mastercard".

I laughed SO HARD. XD XD

I think I might have heard of this before from someone, but just forgotten. Maybe it was juky, I don't remember. Anyway, it completely caught me off guard the other morning and I was completely ROFL-copters over it.

Citibank isn't exactly top-notch, but considering the only personal banking branch they have is in Toronto* and my needs are fairly minimal, I'm satisfied with their service. And their automated voice greetings are entertaining. =D

* There is something in Richmond. IIRC, on No. 3 Rd, near Richmond Centre, but I thought that was a corporate/business banking branch only. One day, if I can be arsed to drive over there, I might check it out.

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