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Booster Fluid for My Bird

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Even userinfomy bird needs booster fluid. My CAR doesn't need booster fluid. XD

*sigh* userinfoSid's broken skin healed up nicely on one side, but still hasn't on the other. It's been 3 months now. He still has to wear a collar and he hasn't been allowed to fly for the last 3 months either. Poor little guy.

That kinda says he's much older than we originally thought. =(

He had to get fitted with a larger collar because he's learned to reach just past the perimetre and was able to pick at his wings. =P

Dr. MacDonald prescribed AVI-x Booster for him today. It's to help his skin, so that he's not as dry and flaky. He's supposed to get it once a day with his rice.

Because of his bigger collar, he had trouble eating from the little sauce dish we usually give him. I had to turn it upside down so that the rice was sitting on the bottom. That was the only thing I had that was high enough that he could eat comfortably on. I'm going to see if I can make him a little food dish-table thing out of a wide flat cap glued onto one of those small white plastic stools that prop up pizza boxes. I'll go to the Pizza Butt and see if they'll just give me one.

Anyway, he was very apprehensive about it when I gave him. It's orange, oily and I'll bet it tastes funny too. After 15 minutes of ignoring it, I put some of the AVI-x stuff on some basmati rice that came with my leftover Mediterranean Chicken. He liked that enough to try a little, so I know that he got at least a little AVI-x. I think he still likes white short grain rice better. =)

[Update - Saturday, August 25, 2007 - 2020h]

After yesterday, I thought he wouldn't like it. I thought I might have to grab him and force feed him. But he seems to be munching on his rice at least a little. He's only eating when he thinks I'm not looking... that's kind of odd, but whatever... =)

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