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Nerd Test 2.0

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Because kvance did it too. says I'm a Cool Nerd God.  What are you?  Click here!

Because I am required by law to take this quiz. I didn't think I had much hope of beating my Nerd Test 1.0 score, but I had to anyway =)

It wasn't very hard... I'm actually not that nerdy and I scored pretty high.

I was miffed at the triple integral question:

∫ ∫ ∫

"If you encounter the above symbol while doing work, what should you do?"

Well... I do those by hand. To be fair, the ones I did were cooked up to solve nicely to prove a point.

But a) there's nothing to do in this case. There has to be a whole lot more written out than just those three esh symbols. And b) I'd much rather optimize a linear objective function subject to linear equality/inequality constraints. Although it's not that nerdy, it was by far the most fun undergrad Math course I did.

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