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Yes, I deliberately spelled it wrong, so that it would be pronounced right =)

胖胖 Pong-Pong is a bobtail orange tabby currently living with userinfoHusband Guy's Aunt & Uncle 3. "Pong-Pong" means "fat fat" in Chinese. As her name suggests, she has a big butt. Pong-Pong is a little over 5 years old and is already spayed.

She is ever so sweet, mellow and easy-going. I find bobtails are usually very sweet. She doesn't know me at all, so she was a little shy, but she did let me approach her; she let me pet and scritch her all over her head and she didn't mind me playing with her paws. I thought she was declawed at first because I was pinching her foot and I couldn't feel any claws at all. But, apparently, she's not declawed. She's just that mellow... and probably thinking, "what is this nutbar doing with my paw?"

Auntie & Uncle 3 are looking for a new home for her because they already have two dogs in the house. They want to give her to a friend or a friend of a friend.

跳跳 Tiao-Tiao, the Shiba Inu, gets along with her just fine. In fact, Pong-Pong is above him in the pecking order =D 소기 Soki, the Shih Tzu-Poodle loves cats and was raised with cats as a puppy, but is way too loud, rambunctious and playful in a way that Pong-Pong doesn't understand... and ends up freaking her out.

She used to belong to the Husband's cousins' girl-cousin in Singapore.

The Singapore cousin moved back to Taiwan, but Taiwan animal import regulations wouldn't allow her to import an animal directly from Singapore without a horrendous quarantine time period and questionable conditions. She tried to get around this by sending the cat to Aunt & Uncle 3 here in Canada and getting a battery of tests done in the US to prove a clean bill of health to satisfy Taiwan animal import regulations. Apparently, this is okay, even though it's the same animal.

But the Singapore cousin also became pregnant while this was happening and somehow also discovered that she is allergic to cats. I'm not entirely sure how that works either, I have never heard of pregnancy making someone suddenly allergic to cat hair or dander, but she now can't take Pong-Pong back at all.

I'm getting this fourth/fifth-hand, so it's all muddled and strange.

Pong-Pong has about 800 sqft. gated off to her away from the dogs. I think she'd be okay if she stayed with Aunt J. and Uncle R. in the long term. But she could use a loving, devoted family to herself. I would love to take her, but we can't have cats and dogs in the apartment and we have two birds already.

They've asked me to ask around and see if I know anyone who would like a cat.

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