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Why do you do that?

Do what?



Apparently, at Work, I subconsciously wash the faucet handle of the ladies' room when I'm washing my hands. I don't even think about it anymore, I guess I just do it in public washrooms.

I know I started it a long time ago. Probably years ago when I first realized what people touched first on the way out of the toilet... you know, BEFORE they wash their hands. So, I've taken to washing my hands with soap and while I'm at it, I quickly rub down and rinse off the faucet handles.

          *          *          *

This week has been crazy. We're T minus 5 business days to release date, which means Code Freeze by end-of-day Monday and any other fix needs to be triaged. Various people have been needing to talk to me about various things... all... bloody... week... My desk has been a really happening place in the office. At least once a day, there has been a small line-up. O_O


Usually, I'm talking to one. At most, there's just one waiting. But at one point, I was talking to one and two or three were waiting. They were wandering and lounging on the chairs around my desk like a waiting room. XD

I finished the first and went on to the second. I tried to be as efficient as possible because I knew there were people waiting.

When that issue was finished, I was feeling a little frazzled and impatient. I was impatient with myself because I felt terrible about keeping people waiting. So, I shouted "NEXT!" rather sharply and ended up sounding like a cranky-ass government agency employee.

The whole office busted up laughing at me. =D =D =D

And out came all the jokes about getting me a number ticket dispenser with a "NOW SERVING" LED panel, a "Please line up here" sign (the ones that also have the Estimated Wait Time printed) and some poles and ropes to mark the line-up lanes.

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