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Three-In-One: Beer/Pumpkin/Chicken

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Beers of the World: Hobgoblin Ale and Monty Python Holy Grail

How, exactly, am I supposed to pass up on something that looks as cool as that? Or this. Seriously.

I was at the liquor store last night while we were getting pumpkins for a quickfire pumpkin carving contest (more below if you want to read about that). The liquor store didn't have anything I liked, but they did have Hobgoblin Ale and the Monty Python Holy Grail in a special display in the middle of the floor. They only had these two, so I took one of each to try.

I tried the Hobgoblin Ale last night. I thought it was... confusing. I dunno... try it and talk to me. =)

Reading through the descriptions, I think I might like to try the Black Wych or the BeeWyched Honey'd Ale, but I didn't see any at the liquor store near home this afternoon.

I haven't tried the Monty Python one yet. I'm not banking on liking this one. From the description "plenty of fruity hops" tends not to be my cuppa... and that's not on the label, so I wouldn't have known when I got it.

Quickfire Pumpkin Carving Contest

So, Work has split the Vancouver office into teams of 5, we will be given a giant round pumpkin and some tools. And we're going to be told "Go!" =\

Ooo... chicken smells really good... (more below).

Friday was spent loosely discussing what the hell we were going to carve in between bug fixing and regression test cases.

We only have 1 hour between choosing the pumpkin and putting the candle in.

We briefly talked about doing the Autobot and Decepticon logos. They look easy and cool. Never having actually carved a pumpkin before in my life, if anyone wants to weigh in on this extremely uninformed opinion, please do. And quickly. =)

It would be cool if we could do both of them side-by-side, but realistically, I think we'll be too worn out by the time we finish the first one and we'll just leave it at that.

I've taken the two logos and fixed them up so that they're more suitable for pumpkin carving.

I've also passed them through the Ultimate Transformers Fanboy's Approval Process for Acceptable Alterations of The Logos™ (a.k.a. userinfoHusband Guy said "yeah, that's fine") =)

Here they are, in case anyone else wants to give me a Yay or a Nay:


For Pumpkin Carving


For Pumpkin Carving

The stuff in black is being cut out. I should maybe post a poll to get opinions...

Free Range Chicken

Co-Worker Girl of mine owns a small farm in Victoria, BC. I buy chicken miscarriages from her all the time =)

She sold me a 5½lbs free range chicken. We have no refrigerator or freezer space, so we're cooking it in the slow cooker on the 10 hour cooking timer. It has about two more hours to go... =)

It's the same recipe that fazia gave me all those (4) years ago. Basically throw it in the slow cooker with all sorts of your favorite chicken-friendly vegetables and herbs... shove some up the chicken butt, rub some all over, including the wing pits, etc. I was in too much of a hurry to even print the e-mail out and properly go shopping for all the stuff or follow instructions. I had to just go for it and grab whatever I could remember.

But the apartment is smelling wonderfuller and wonderfuller by the minute now. I'm slightly afraid of what it will smell like tomorrow, but hey, live in the moment... and open all the windows =D

At least we'll have tons of food.

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