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First Post of the New Year

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I'd been off Work since December 21 last year. I didn't take that many vacation days, but because of the year end, it ended up being almost two whole weeks off.

I ate too much. Slept a lot. Tried not to drink too much. And was barely motivated to scrape myself out of bed to go back to Work today. =)

I bounced, jiggled, held and rocked some newborns to sleep. I have suddenly had a few more familial titles added to my list of titles. (C) 大伯娘, (M) 大伯母 or 大媽 depending on the region/sub-culture, which is "father's elder brother's wife". I'm also (C) 妗母, (M) 舅媽 which is "mother's brother's wife".

I've missed having that back and forth "hey..." conversation with 2-3 month old babies. My brother was a baby more years ago than I care to recall =)

They look at you, point their chin at you and go "hey..." And you go "hey..." back. They'll go "hey..." again, you go "hey..." back. And on and on it goes. If they're in a particularly good mood, they grin while they're chatting.

Babies love grabbing my hair and get all tangled up in it. I don't mind it at all. I have too much hair anyway and I always say that hair grabbing is a sign of healthy reflexes in a baby. It's a survival technique innate to all primate young, including humans. The babies that could grab on and not fall off while their mother was swinging through the trees were the ones that lived.

A book I've been immersed in: October (Richard B. Wright). The distant past, the recent past and the present, all fascinatingly intertwined. The dialogue is a bit unnatural in places, but the narrative is very lovely. It winds in and out of universal themes of friendship, family, death and uncertainty with a calmness, poise and elegance. It's very much a meditation and introspective type of story that not everyone has the patience or mood for. The dustcover is a very beautiful vivid sepia park jogging path.

It is, of course, required by law that the first day back at Work after a long holiday has to go Completely Bananas™. Co-Worker Guy who had been holding down the fort while I had been gone was sick. Poor guy didn't make it in to work on Monday the 31st and he says this has probably been the most not fun New Year's of his life. =P

He was doing a lot better today. At least he could lift his head and grab the phone to call me without falling over and dying, he says =}

So, I had to prepare the release package for this Friday as quickly as I could before the noon deadline. I was given some slack for the high holiday drag coefficient, I guess. Preparing a software release is always a crazy time.

And, because someone had a panic attack because there was a regulatory change effective January 1, 2008 that required a change to the software. Half-way through the morning, I'm asked to drop everything, test it yesterday, package it up for an emergency mod midnight tonight. (!!!) And, by "drop everything", we mean "do both".

What's in this one? What's in that one? Which one is missing what and what's going to be completed when? What laws of physics can we change?

But it was then determined that it wasn't as urgent afterall. The system could be patched this weekend instead. *phew*

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