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Mah Bidnez -

Business isn't exactly booming, but it's steady... well, it's not even really steady, it's just sputtering fairly regularly now. I'm averaging almost 10 sales a month. *shrug* Better than some, not as great as some and not nearly as well as I had hoped. But it's still something. =}

This has been such a delightful time as Chief Cook and Bottle Washer of my own little hobby business. Sales aren’t through the roof or anything, certainly not enough to quit the day job over. =) I’m doing much better than many, but not as great as others.

My cell phone charms are selling decently well. Everyone that has bought one has loved it so far. All 100% feedback! YEAH! =D

I average 10 sales a month, which is decent progress. I even made my Stretch Goal of 40 sales by the end of January 2008.

My next goal is to have as many sales as items listed (I currently have 63 items listed for sale). 60 sales by February 2008 is probably too aggressive. 60 by March 2008 might be more realistic.

The latest intrigue in my shop is apples!!

Those were the cutest apple beads. I had promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any more beads until some of my first bunch sold. Yeah, that didn’t last long.

But I’m really glad I did. The cute apples drew in buyers and, in turn, they bought all sorts of other stuff.

I have more ideas up my sleeve. Look for them later this Spring and into the Summer! =D =D

Everyone has loved what they've bought, so far. I actually had several items come right down to a race condition. Multiple people had had the exact same item of mine in their shopping carts and they were trying to check out at the exact same time.

It's such a bittersweet thing; I'm falling down thrilled that people were "fighting over my stuff" as it were, but it's sad that I only had one and they couldn't both have it. And I realize that I have lost the customer because most of the time, people only really have their eye on one thing.

Anyway, all I could do was apologize and thank them for their interest. Onwards. =)

*          *          *

I'm laughing my ass off at Work everyday. There's just so much that's so funny. The people are great. Everyone's just INTO it. Yes, there are still idiosyncracies. No, it's not perfect. But it's a part of us.

Most of it, I realize are situational and you just had to be there — and be too tired, as we all are — to really get it. So, as much as I would love to share the great fun that Work is, there's not much point in it.

I have been schooling some of the Developers on proper grammar though. Some of them kept saying "me and Bob fixed a bug." ... "Me and Moe figured out how to ..." ... "Me and Larry have to work on the database thing..."

It was driving me bat-shit and I actually started schooling them on it. =) It's "Bob and I...", "Moe and I...", "Larry and I..."

When you're listing a group of people, as a matter of courtesy, always list yourself last.

To determine whether you should use "me" or "I", remove the "and", split it into two sentences to see which one sounds right.

"Bob fixed a bug."

"Me fixed a bug?" No. "_I_ fixed a bug."

So, together, it's "Bob and I fixed a bug."

During the Stand-Up, I heard "me and Larry... and I... are going to move on to the next User Story." There was a sideways glance at me. XD

They're starting to get it. =)

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