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I'm finding that even though my vision prescription hasn't changed, even though my eyesight hasn't gotten any worse per se, I am having a bit more trouble seeing things than I used to. There's no astigmatism or anything else that wasn't there before.

I used to be able to see things in the distance just fine without corrective lenses even though I've been slightly near-sighted for the last 15+ years. I've never had problems with the license plate of the car in front of me. I've never had problems with menus on the wall of a café or street signs or my bus number from further away.

But lately, I've felt like I need to get closer to see things. I can't read the bus number and route label until it's almost at the intersection just before my stop. I used to be able to see it when it was still blocks away. And I've also started feeling like I really should wear them when I'm driving.

My glasses are quickly becoming something I need now. They're no longer just a random accessory that I can put on or take off on a whim anymore.

Tags: health

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