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This Afternoon's Interview

xinit: how'd that interview go?

bride: I'm not sure what to make of it... they considered today's interview my "second interview" because "we've met before". It was heavy on the technical discussion, which went okay, but there was no written exam like I thought.

xinit: you sound disappointed about not having an exam

bride: well, yeah, I guess I am a bit disappointed. It worries me because that's their trademark and they didn't do it...

bride: They also didn't ask for my references. I'm kinda worried about that. Does that mean they weren't considering hiring me anyway, so they didn't bother? Or does it mean they think they know me well enough that they don't need to check on my references?

xinit: some people don't think refs are all that important, since everyone tends to load their references a bit with "sure things"....

*sigh* I hate waiting.


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