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I was just pouting about how close I came to making my end-of-March goal of 60 sales by the end of February. Then I got another order on March 1... so that kinda counts as February, right?

Especially because February was a short month, technically, we should just let me have it, right? =D

Yeah, okay, whatever. I'm at 61 items sold now. =)

And I also now have more sales than items listed!

And it's a big ego boo to have something snapped up as soon as it's listed =D I listed the little smilie turtle and — bam! — it was gone. I thought I foof'ed up the listing XD

I have more smilie turtles to make and more of a buttload of other stuff that's arrived. But I'm waiting for a shipment of supplies to come in. *sigh* Any day now. =\

Tags: nifty

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