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I had today off in lieu of overtime. I dropped off userinfoSid at the vet, dropped off userinfoThe Husband at work, then sat on a couch at Blenz with a no-whip mocha and read for a good while (Persuasion). Yes, Chick Lit for Fuddy-Duddies. Nevernevernevernevernever see the Hollywood movies based on these books, alwaysalwaysalways see the BBC productions, if at all... but that's a whole other rant. >K{

I ran some more errands and then, like the über-nerd that I am, I went home and played WoW. XD

I usually only play when userinfoHusband Guy plays with me, but I thought I'd catch up by clearing out some of my quests. I'm at a level where a lot of them have become green (easy) and grey (booger flickingly easy).

I had never read quest text or instructions before. The Husband had always told me exactly where to go, how to move, what to click, what to attack and was basically, in between getting annoyed at me, managing both of us along the way.

So, now I had to do this all on my own. It's like learning to drive. You'll never really know the directions unless you drive somewhere by yourself. I knew what to do from playing before, but this was the first time I had to read the quests, understand what I was supposed to do and was in charge of everything myself. It was a very different game.

I finished off a bunch of quests the help of Thottbot. I only died a few times. =D

I was up on top of Darkcloud Pinnacle doing the Arikara quest. I got lost in the maze of suspension bridges and tiny pin-point mountain peeks. I just wandered around trying to find the peek I needed, killing Grimtotem Taurens as I went. I killed Arikara and then got horribly lost trying to get back out. XD I had actually found the right peek to exit a few times but thought it was a dead end peek, turned around and went back the other way. The ramp down was on a sharp decline like the hilly streets of San Francisco. It was on the opposite side of the peek from me, so I couldn't see it until I watched something else walk down.

Of course, being me, I couldn't do a grey, booger flicking easy quest. XD

I had to go to Tarren Mill. I've actually been there before, but never having navigated it myself, I mistakenly thought the boat at Ratchet would take me there. NOPE... not by a long shot. =D It took me to Booty Bay instead where there was a huge gank-fest going on right on the dock. I tried to hearth out, but couldn't because I had already been dragged into combat and of course, died.

Then, I tried again. I found out that I needed the zeppelin outside of Orgrimmar. And I got on the wrong flight that took me to Grom'gol. LOL... XD

*sigh* At that point, I gave up. I resolved to stay on Kalimdor for a while. At least until my Hearth cool-down ended. =D I'm kinda kicking myself now that I know how close I actually came to finishing it. Ah well.

I did a few more quests, finished some, failed at others. Then I thought that if I couldn't do any more quests solo, I'd just try to find more flight paths. I got the Camp Mojache flight path, but not without being chased bears. XD

These were big mean Question Mark Bears. I didn't pay attention to what they're actually called, but when I looked at them, they were level question-mark-question-mark. Which means they're at least ten levels above me. I'd probably die if he stared at me too hard.

I kinda wish I were on a PVE server instead of a PVP server though. userinfoThe Husband only ever plays on PVP, so for convenience, I'm on a PVP server too.

Anyway, I stopped after a few hours when I had to go pick up userinfoSid from Night Owl again. =D

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