The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote,
The Bride of the First House

Sorry, My Nubbage Is Sticking Out

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Whee! I was invited to my first pick-up group in WoW and we nearly wiped trying to summon. It wasn't my fault, but my nubbage was all kinds of sticking out. XD

My Warlock Girl was fishing at Thunder Bluff when I was whispered and offered money to help summon a Mage.

"Sure!" I say. I had never done this before, so I was curious enough even before I had the money. I figured if they were going to rip me off, I'm only out one Soul Shard which is easily replaced and I learn how to summon people.

My first question was "So, where's the Summoning Stone at TB?" Buh. Yeah, I'm a Warlock. I _AM_ THE SUMMONING STONE. =D I tried to save it by saying that I'd never played a Warlock before, which is entirely true, I've just never played much of any class before either... I don't think that convinced anyone, anyway.

So, she's walking me through what to do. I have the Summon spell, I have a Soul Shard. It's all ready to go. I need to be grouped with her and two others. Okay, we're all partied up and ready.

I don't see the others around. Do I cast the portal, then wait around? Or do I wait until everyone's gathered first? ... Ah, there's a time limit on the portal, so I should wait until everyone's here before I start.

Okay, I cast the portal. The second person clicks on it. A bystander says to us "Do you need a third?" ROFL! He was thanked kindly, but told that we already have a third.

The third person disappeared, either dropped the connection or went AFK. That left the two of us standing there looking like git-fish, straining to hold up a big black hole in mid-air, with the clock running down, right in front of the Thunder Bluff mailbox.

"Arms getting tired... LOL", I type into Party Chat. Lawls all around. Some other bystanders start gathering around us, staring, pointing and laughing at us.

We're starting to get desparate that we're going to wipe. =D

I see a confusion of messages go by in Party Chat and General Chat, yelled in red and dully roared in white and mauve. The flurry of messages were both asking for help from someone in the crowd and loudly imploring our last person in the party to "OMG CLICK IT!!!! NOWNOWNOW1111111111"

By this time, we've drawn a much bigger crowd. They're probably wondering what the hell we're doing and why it's such an unusually long summon.

At nearly the last possible second, our third person finally reappeared and clicks the portal. The summon was successful, but I was informed that it doesn't usually involve THAT much drama. XD

She did pay me which was great, but the entertainment value was well worth it. =D

Tags: funny, nerdy

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