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Laughing as much as I possibly can at Work.

    to peter - to diminish gradually and come to an end

Peter is also a Greek name that belonged to an Apostle of Christ and, thus, fairly popular as a boy's given name.

One of our senior executives is named Peter. We have another senior executive named Rob.

When they came to our office to meet with our crew a while ago, Peter was joking about how he'd keep his talk short and finish before people started to peter out. He also muttered something out loud about it being unfair to be named "Peter".

I absently blurted, "I don't know... would you rather be petered or robbed? It's a tough choice."

There was a moment of silence before we all erupted in laughter.

Ordering a Strawberry Mocha from Café Artigiano.

I can only get it at the downtown café. They can't make it at the one close to home. I'll probably only have one, one Friday a month or only when I'm feeling really down because it's over $4.00 for a Medium.

But holy crap, they're so good. And they are not "The Evil That Ends In -Bucks".

Oak aged beer.

Huh. Interesting. Innis & Gunn. "Edinburgh ale aged in oak barrels traditionally used to mature malt whisky."

I like whisky, but it's a little too overwhelming for me because I don't have it often. So, this beer is very nice.

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