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Nail Art Experiments

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Special occasions deserve well-thought-outtedness, well-practicedness and well-executedness. And you don't get that by doing things for the first time on the day of.

I need something beautiful, elegant and different enough to be Me™. At the same time, it needs to be understated enough for me =) I've seen some seriously over-the-top designs that are way overloaded with jewels and other 3D fauna, flora and patterns. Needless to say, those are just Not Me™.

I've been completely converted to square nails now. I used to dislike square nails. But now that I've had rounded square-ish nails for a while, oval nails look scary and evil to me. I also didn't like French nails for a long time. I'm all about the variations on the French theme now.

I'm looking at a reverse French design. The first attempt isn't great. I have more things to figure out with it. I'll try this design out again and post more pics of the results.

For now, I want to wear this first try to work next work. I want to see approximately how long it lasts, what it does as the nail grows out, if the jewel stays on, where it starts to fall apart first, etc.

I should try using the classic French nail base. I didn't do that in this first experiment. I don't really want to. I like my natural base colour the way it is, but my distal edge is already showing a little. It will only look more ridiculous as the nail grows out. The base would hide that. I like the Antique Bronze tips though, so unlike the classic French, I have to put the tip colour on over the base.

This means I have to do the base, then leave it overnight, then finish off the job the next day. Aigh... 麻鬼煩... pain in the ass.

I might try a second coat for the tip. I'd rather get an even and consistent first coat on all 10 fingers, but that's really hard. I've never liked the look of two coats of colour though.

Putting on the stone is tricky. I have a special polish-glue tool that's similar to a liquid paper squeeze bottle. It has a fine tip that you squeeze a little bit of polish out of the tip so that you can lay down a bed of polish, then use it to pick up a jewel with. But it takes practice to make it work right. I need to also try using tweezers. I was told that tweezers don't work as well, but intuitively, I think that should work better that the polish-glue tool.

The clear top coat is also not as easy as it looks. In my first try, I didn't load the brush enough on some nails while I painted over the jewel. There's one side of the jewel that's not coated over. It's not that visible, but I know that it's not done well.

I also have problems with bubbles. It's either bubbles or softening and smearing the coat underneath.

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