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I went on my first Karazhan raid with guildies. =) I'm trying to gear up because I'm so hobo... 70 and still in greens. Yeah. =\ And I've barely done any group instances. I've done a few 5's, but I had never seen any of the larger raids.

I'm most proud of the fact that I FOUND Karazhan successfully and didn't wipe just getting there. XD

Well, as far as Proud Moments go, it's a toss-up between that and NOT causing the group to wipe while inside... even during that ___N_O___M_O_V_I_N_G___O_R___W_E___A_L_L___D_I_E___!_!_!___ part. Although, I did run through the crowd once while emitting sparkly splash damage =P

Because I'm the Guild Hobo™, I got some REALLY nice purple loots... really nice for me so far. I also kept getting other loot for my Healing set. I started feeling bad because they gave me stuff even when I said "Pass".

It's funny, just before the raid started, I got two Shadow Resistance pieces. They were rewards from my dailies. I couldn't use them even though they were really good because I just can't use that type of armour. So, I put them into the Guild bank. I guess what they say about the Threefold Law is true. *smile*

Other notes:

  • I remembered to watch my threat bar and stay under the tank.
  • I remembered my assigned totems ... most of the time.
  • I avoided hurty black circles and Thingy-bane's AOE.
  • The only times I died was when I forgot about running to the little notch when Prince WhatsHisAss enfeebled me.

The Husband came home halfway through the Thingy-bane fight. He was huffing mad at me because he had called home and I didn't pick up. But when he saw me in Karazhan with the guildies, his anger melted away into verklemptitude. =D

Anyway, I have a lot more to work towards. I'm still wearing a lot of things that are too crappy to contribute to any other raid instances.

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