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Peace and Quiet in the Wake of Guild Implosion

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Well, then.

Our raiding guild sort of collapsed since the last time I wrote. The Guild Leader was sick of having people only show up on the first raiding day of the week to down the easy bosses that we already have on farm. Then they would just not appear on the second and third raid day of the week for the encounters that we were still learning and, thus, wiping on.

Prior to this, the guild officers had announced that they were keeping a log of attendance, carefully logging who said they were coming, whether they showed up and if not, whether they left a note saying they would not be online. It's just common courtesy that you would expect from any kind of group event.

The attendance log was originally meant to help the officers deliberate and break unlucky streaks for good raiders when we went to a Loot Council Assisted Need/Greed Roll loot distribution system. But when it became obvious that there were members who expected to be carried and given free loot, by both their words and actions, there was a mass gkick of all the individuals who only came for the easy kills or did not consistently attend raids.

This left us with about 15 core, dedicated raiders. Which isn't enough for the 25-mans. It was sad that we lost many of our best players at that point too. They wound up leaving to join other guilds because they wanted to continue doing 25-mans. At the time, I was wanting to take a break again from raiding anyway, so I didn't bother joining another guild. I also didn't like the name of the guild that most of the better players went to and didn't want that in the name plate over my head. IMHO, there aren't very many guilds with cooler names than my current guild, so I have no desire to join another one.

My Huntard has become my main character. The Old-Timer's raiding schedule of one night a week has been suiting me just fine. Some weeks, we don't raid at all because people are busy or have other things planned on the designated raid night. With three raiding nights a week, I'd want a break after a few months. One raiding night a week is comfortably sustainable for me. I feel like I have time to myself and not have to spend my off raid nights farming boring-ass dailies for money so I can pay for the ever increasing equipment repair costs from wiping.

And if I feel like running more in the week, Icecrown Citadel on 25-man is very puggable now, even though they're more rare than 10-man ICC pugs (which I can't pug because I need to keep that open for my Old-Timer's group). I'm almost never denied an invitation on my Hunter with my gear score and experience.

I did pug a 25-man Ulduar Hard Modes group the other day and they reminded me a lot of my current guild on a good raid night, back in the day. They're a laid back, dorky, they did and said hilarious things, but at the same time, didn't tolerate bullshit. I watched them kick an asshat DK out of the raid, then immediately from the guild. Asshat DPS DK ran into a group of ranged DPS and TAUNTED the boss just for giggles.

They're in nearly the exact same situation as my current guild just before the implosion... 11/12 ICC10, on Putricide in ICC25 and having a tough time getting enough people for the 25-man ICC runs. They sounded willing to pug me until they have enough people to fill all the spots consistently. I was very tempted to join them, because they're a really fun bunch to be around. But, I realize that I've never seen them on a bad raid night, so they may also be remarkably similar to my current guild on bad night. And I'm not sure I want the three raid nights a week again.

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