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My friend hasn't been playing much WoW anymore and has been talking about cancelling her subscription. She and her husband have been slowly shifting towards a lifestyle of more outdoorsy activities, now that her puppy is... well, no longer a puppy =) He's a mutt, they have no idea what exact cross he is. But puppy is very intelligent, active, and just really enjoys being off leash in parks and on hiking trails.

She's also excited about Star Wars: The Old Republic because she used to play Knights of The Old Republic and says it was superior to WoW in many ways. So, she's very looking forward to at least giving SWTOR a good go. I will probably try it out as well.

If she's not playing WoW, there isn't much point to us playing on her server either.

userinfoThe Husband Guy and I had noticed that her guildies tend to only be nice to us when she's around. When she's online, they'll chat and joke with us. When she's not around, most of them ignore The Husband and me. When I would request Profession Links in guild chat, no one responds... and yes, I would know to check to see if they're in a raid, arena, battleground or otherwise likely not able to respond. If people are sitting in Dalaran and Orgrimmar, I would think that someone could pipe up without me being pushy and cornering them about it.

I wouldn't have minded so much if they were just not the warm-fuzzy-helpie kind of guild. But I see them chatting up a storm in guild chat, scrambling all over each other to help everyone else. Other new guild members included. Most of my gem cuts, crafted plate tanking armor, flasks and anything else that I needed were made by random players outside the guild who were looking for work in Trade Chat. I found many of the other players on her server much more friendly and less cold to us than her guildies. It was a bit baffling.

I was particularly nonplussed with one incident. I had wanted some raid flasks made; Endless Rage for me and Frost Wyrm for the Husband. We weren't raiders, but it was a way to not look so Noob and Fail™ in random Heroics.

I had asked the Guild Alchemist if she could make my flasks if I provided all the materials. She was busy at the time but I could mail them to her and she would mail me back the flasks. I wasn't in a hurry so that was fine with me. I mailed Alchy Girl two full sets of mats (vials included) and a 10 gold tip for each set. That's about how much you would earn for an easy quest.

She didn't ask for 10g per set. We just thought it would be a friendly gesture. Usually, people don't charge guildies because it's just clicking a few buttons. And guildies usually would do the same for you without charging. But we were new. We didn't have a bunch of 80s on the server that could reciprocate for them. And we know the kind of effort that's involved in levelling professions ourselves.

One of the mats - the Frost Lotus - is kinda hard to come by. They're a bit rare to farm and very expensive on the Auction House. Alchy Girl sat on my mats for over a week. That's long enough that I had just about mentally written off the flasks as a learning experience.

I wasn't impressed about the fact that I _did_ see her online and in guild ICC runs. Having been a raider and a bench-warmer myself, I know how to tell when the groups wipe and are no longer in combat. I whispered her in between fights and while she was sitting in Dalaran/Orgrimmar about once every 2-3 days to ask if she got my mats in the mail. I never got a response from her. I even explained that I was just trying to determine if I had sent it to someone else completely. I thought it was very unlikely because I picked her name twice from the name suggestion autocomplete.

Husband Guy suggested that I wait until my friend was also on, then ask her directly in guild chat and see what happens. It finally took my friend asking about it before I saw the flasks in my mailbox.

And she kept the tips >.< Sure, it was my choice to tip, so I suppose I'm not entitled to complain that she didn't understand it was just a gesture and she was expected to return it. But if I've dropped the ball on someone like that, I'd be looking to make it up to them somehow... like, at least returning the tip from a guildie that I wouldn't have taken unless they really insisted.

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